2 thoughts on “Masthead Hose Boss

  1. Derek Ashton

    I am the Marketing Manager at Masthead Hose & Supply – home of the Hose Boss.

    Yes, we do have a brand name that lends itself to inuendo. This was not the original intent, but it sure has brought a lot of hits to our website, http://www.hoseboss.com. Thanks for taking notice of our truck.

    We used to have a slogan that went with the Hose Boss truck: “You blow, we go.” This referred to the hydraulic hoses on heavy equipment “blowing,” i.e. breaking. We specialize in repairing the broken hoses and thus preventing expensive “down time” on construction sites.

    On a similar note, someone once told me about an expansion joint manufacturer that used the slogan, “The only joints better than ours aren’t legal.” A different sort of inuendo there.

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