Monthly Archives: October 2005

New Theme!

I finally upgraded to the latest WordPress, and all of the security holes in my blog are now filled. After doing this I realized the the blog was a little boring. Not just the content (there’s not much I can do about me being boring), but also the theme. So, I wasted a little time at work installing and tweaking a new theme. This one is the winner of the WordPress theme competition, and it was the one I liked the most. It was also one of the few I could use without having to mess with the image sizes in my moblog posts.

I did a little (very little) tweaking of the layout, and I learned a lot about wordpress themes and pages. I must admit, I was considering a switch to drupal, which I’ve used on a couple of side projects recently. Drupal is probably the best PHP CMS out there, but I like WordPress’ simplicity. I’m only using it to do one thing, so I don’t need all of the power and flexibility of drupal. Plus I already had WordPress all set up how I liked it, and the idea of having to migrate data from WP to drupal made me cringe.

Let me know what you think. I think the site looks a lot better now. Oh, I also have a Contact Form and an Archives section now. What fun!

3-0. It hurts

The White Sox were able to beat the best and the worst that the Astros sent out against them last night. I think they’ve scored on every pitcher on the team except Brandon Backe. He’s pitching tonight, though. I don’t know what Garner was thinking, but Zeke Astacio has consistently been one of the worst pitchers in the NL all season. He shouldn’t have even been on the roster. Luke Scott could probably have done a better job. You don’t walk in a run in the 14th inning of a World Series game, Zeke. You just don’t.

It’s not all Zeke’s fault, though. Roy Oswalt fell apart in the 5th, and the Astros bats went completely silent after the 4th aside from the tying hit in the 8th. The White Sox pitchers walked 9 Astros between the 8th and 14th. We had men in scoring position in every inning from the 8th on. We left 15 guys on base, and got only 1 hit in 47 at bats after we went up 4-0 in the 4th. In a lot of ways, this game was a lot like the 18 inning one we played against the Braves in the NLDS. Except, the White Sox are a much better team.

There’s a whole lot more bitching to do, but I have no energy. The game ended at 1:20 AM, just 19 minutes short of 6 hours, and the flu shot I got in the morning had a little too much flu in it. So, that’s all for now.

UPDATE: This article sums up how I feel about old Crap Iron. I thought I was the only one who noticed. I’ve been getting into arguments with people about his managing “style” all season. Maybe someone higher up will take notice.