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The Trinity Tigers Pull Off an Amazing Victory

My alma mater pulled off an amazing play on Saturday afternoon. The 14 lateral, 61 yard play with 2 seconds remaining in the game between the Tigers and the Millsaps Majors will probably go down as one of the best NCAA football plays of all time. The play took about 60 seconds of real time, and the ball was touched by 7 tigers (even a couple of offensive linemen) on its way into the end zone. Trinity and Millsaps have a history of spoiling each other’s seasons. They did it to us my freshman season, and it kept us out of the playoffs that year. Of course, we demolished them for my remaining 3 seasons :). Since then, Millsaps has picked up head coach Mike Dubose from Alabama, and they have become a very formidable force in the SCAC. This time, Trinity got to play spoiler and kept the Majors from winning the SCAC title outright. Now, if Trinity can win out, [they will take the conference title and head to the playoffs again]( “Athletics – Football”).

Thanks to this play, Trinity, Millsaps, and D3 are getting a lot of play on ESPN and YouTube. Even John Gruber of Daring Fireball [picked it up]( The video at ESPN video is much higher quality than the YouTube one. So I’ve embedded it below.

Man, it’s been a crazy year for college football.

Here’s another angle. It’s a much better view.

**UPDATE**: I don’t know why, but the video was taken down from YouTube. So, I removed the link. Hopefully, the ESPN one will stay up.

**UPDATE 2**: The video is back up on YouTube. So, it’ll be there in case ESPN takes it down. [Here it is](

**UPDATE 3**: I added another YouTube video provided by Millsaps. It’s the end zone camera, and it’s a much better view.

The Photos are Coming Back

I stopped having flickr send my moblog posts over here to the blog in July. Well, since I don’t write too many blog posts, I think it’s time that my moblog makes a return. I made a set at flickr with the pictures I’ve moblogged since July. This is the link to the set: [Missed Moblogs]( “Missed Moblogs – a photoset on Flickr”). Thanks for your patience. 🙂