Borat learns about football…in Houston!

In this installment of Borat in USA, our plucky hero reports on the game of American football (yes, the real football) for his viewers in Kazakhstan. So, where do you go when you want to learn football? Texas of course! Katy HS head coach Gary Joseph is the instructor he picked on for this assignment.

Choice quote: “I can throw a rock and hit gypsy from 15 meter, if chained. If not, 10 meter.”

Gotta love Sacha Baron Cohen.

[via HouSTONED Blog]

1 thought on “Borat learns about football…in Houston!

  1. Russell

    This is hilarious. He came to Houston!

    I visited Kazakhstan this past summer. Albeit several major discrepancies, Borat is not to far off.

    I’m back home in Houston now.

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