Now @ TextDrive

I finally decided, after a botched update of plesk, that I would no longer have my own dedicated server. It’s too much work for no profit, and only existed as a legacy of my consulting days. So, I bit the bullet and transferred everything over to TextDrive. It was simple and painless. There were a few permissions issues with getting my Maildirs all moved over, but it was a success! The server at ServerBeach is gone now, so if my site wasn’t working for you yesterday or today, then the DNS was really slow to propogate into your neck of the woods. I’ve also made a semi-significant change in that the blog URL has changed from to I’ve put a permanent redirect over at, so if you have a decent RSS reader, it’ll know to change.

That being said, TextDrive had a significant change of their own today (two days after I signed up). They’ve merged with/been acquired by (notice the difference in the wording of the blog post and the press release) Joyent. Joyent’s stuff seems pretty cool, and I’m looking forward to using their webmail client. I hope TextDrive can keep its community feel, though. That’s what I really like about it. There was definitely a bonus, though. They’ve upped the disk space quota from 2GiB to 3GiB. Still, the best part is that I don’t have to worry about the server at all. What a relief! Oh, everything’s a lot faster, too. 😀