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Houston AT&T Store Chosen By Apple Designers

When looking for an attractive looking AT&T store to to showcase on its “Where to buy iPhone” page, Apple’s designers matched the Houston AT&T store on 59 between Edloe and Weslayan with the 5th Avenue Apple Store. As far as cell carrier stores go, it’s nice, but I’ll still be at the Galleria Apple Store on July 11th.

Houston AT&T Store Next to 5th Ave Apple Store

(Hat tip to the very awesome Swamplot)

Our Secret is Getting Out!

I’m a little late to the Houston boosting party this time around, but I can’t resist an opportunity to do a little bragging. It’s been over a year since I last wrote about Houston, and since then, the national press has developed a bit of a crush on my favorite city.

Kiplinger went so far as to dub Houston the #1 city in the U.S.:

It’s the city of big plans and no rules, beat-the-heat tunnels and loop-the-loop highways, world-class museums and wiry cowboys, humidity that demands an ice-cold martini and the biggest damn liquor store on the planet. How could you not love Houston?

Now, Newsweek is getting into the game:

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