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I promised a list of the websites I mentioned in my talk at the HTC on Wednesday. Instead of putting my own list together, I defer to the master: Ari Braginsky. This google doc is where I found most of the sites that I follow daily:

iPhone Resources

It’s a huge list, so I’ll give you a few must haves.

  • [Mobile Orchard](http://www.mobileorchard.com/ “The iPhone App Developers’ Blog: iPhone Programming, Developer News, Interviews And Tutorials — Mobile Orchard”) is a great iPhone Development Blog. There’s lots of great info there, and a pretty good podcast as well.
  • [Games from Within](http://gamesfromwithin.com/ “Games from Within » Games and iPhone development @ Snappy Touch World Headquarters”) – Noel Llopis writes about his experiences as an indie iPhone game developer.
  • [Jeff LaMarche’s iPhone Development Blog](http://iphonedevelopment.blogspot.com/ “iPhone Development”) – Jeff wrote the Apress book *Beginning iPhone Development*, and his blog is one of the best places to get started with OpenGL ES on the iPhone, especially if you don’t have any OpenGL experience.
  • [148Apps.biz](http://148apps.biz/ “148Apps.biz | for the community, by the community”) – All about the business of developing iPhone apps. It’s also the home of the [app store metrics](http://148apps.biz/app-store-metrics/ “148Apps.biz | Apple iTunes App Store Metrics, Statistics and Numbers for iPhone Apps”).
  • [TouchArcade](http://toucharcade.com/ “Touch Arcade: iPod Touch and iPhone Games, Reviews and News”) is a great iPhone game review site, and a lot of developers are active in the [forum](http://forums.toucharcade.com/ “TouchArcade Forums: iPod and iPhone Games”) there.
  • [iPhone Developers on Twitter](http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=p3LA_Q08eM-VAAyq03ZSjYQ) is a community maintained Google spreadsheet where you can find the Twitter handles of thousands of iPhone developers.

These three iPhone analytics companies also blog metrics periodically:

  • [Pinch Media](http://www.pinchmedia.com/ “Pinch Media | Mobile Application Analytics | iPhone Analytics”)
  • [Medialytics](http://medialytics.com/ “Medialytics | Medialets”)
  • [Flurry](http://www.flurry.com/ “Mobile Application Analytics | iPhone Analytics | Android Analytics”)

6 thoughts on “iPhone Development Resources

  1. neror Post author

    Sure, Dan. I read Mobile Orchard every day. 🙂

    I’m also looking forward to your 360|iDev presentation.

  2. Matt O'Donnell

    Morning, I’m enjoying you session right now on Core Animation and checking your site out. Do I need special access to the iphone resources google doc? I get an error saying I don’t have access. Thanks again for the awesome session.

  3. neror Post author

    It’s not my doc, and it looks like the author took it down. 🙁

    I’m glad you enjoyed the talk. Keep an eye on github for some more code samples.

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